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Data for the people

Humn Data is a distributed global market for data where users earn DATs for participating.

A handful of companies own most of the world's data.

Let's shift the paradigm.

Introducing a new economy for data, designed to reward the people

Anyone can contribute data and earn DATs
Data belongs to the network of DAT holders
DATs are used to purchase data
Buyers drive demand for DATs on secondary markets

Humn Data Team

Jordan Jefferson
CEO, Lead Engineer
Jordan has 15 years experience building software & web applications, leading teams, and bringing products to market. He worked on several bitcoin projects in 2011 before joining Reelhouse, an online video platform for filmmakers to monetize their content, as a founding engineer. He later became CEO of Reelhouse before leaving to found ONEUP.
Michael Taylor
Sales & Operations
Michael has 7 years experience monetizing data and working with data platforms. He spent 2 years at Practice Fusion, the world's largest EHR and a multi-billion dollar health data platform. He then moved on to disrupt the insurance industry at Zenefits.
Kate Handfield
Creative Director
Kate brings diverse experience in online health platforms and product design. She is the visionary behind ONEUP, a first of its kind platform for users to take supplements and track their effects.
Keirnan Wright
Community Manager, Bitcoin Researcher
Keirnan has been a cryptocurrency researcher and enthusiast since 2013. He loves ideas of decentralization, peace, and economic freedom. He previously worked as a social media consultant with a focus on customer acquisition.
Zorast Gustavsp
Sales & Partnerships, European Markets
Zorast has broad experience helping teams acquire customers, establish partnerships, and drive revenue. He also has a background in technical recruiting where he helped numerous startups build world-class dev teams.
Andy Hartwell
Andy has 10 years experience developing for the web, software and mobile applications. As Lead Engineer at Grab Analytics, Andy has developed a strong skillset for working with big data.

Bitcoin democratized money

We no longer need banks to handle money, or governments to print it

DATs will democratize data

We no longer need corporations to control our data: we can own the data economy

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SHA1: D6B972EA43376415DCE20697F746F2CE97716837

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